Jake Hamilton


Jake Hamilton is a passionate worshiper carrying the language and sound of reformation and revival. He has a deep desire to see generational and denominational boundaries blurred through the simple message of love embodied in the man Jesus Christ and lived out in the context of community. He has been catalytic in the start of several ministries in his hometown of Rancho Cucamonga, California while recording with Jesus Culture Music out of Bethel Church in Redding, California. He currently travels spreading the message of Reformation and Revival through music and preaching in churches and at conferences.

Jake desires to see God’s Kingdom manifest in power as His people encounter Him in worship and to raise up a generation who release the sound of Heaven as they walk in the reality of who they are in Christ. As an artist he desires to push the limits of creativity and as a father and a husband he is committed to his family first. But above any of his endorsements and accomplishments, he is a lover of Jesus Christ with the ability to lead others into the same encounter that transformed his life over 15 years ago.

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Jeremy Riddle with Bethel Music


Jeremy Riddle is a songwriter and worship leader at Bethel Church. Jeremy attended Anaheim Vineyard throughout his teens and later joined their staff as a youth pastor and worship leader. In 2007, Jeremy released his first full-length album, Full Attention, and is known for his song, Sweetly Broken. Jeremy has written many songs on Bethel Music albums, such as Furious, This Is Amazing Grace, Fall Afresh, God of the Redeemed and One Thirst.

Jeremy carries a passion for God’s presence and his worship leading stirs up hunger, freedom, and adoration towards the Lord. In addition to leading worship at Bethel Church, Jeremy continues to minister regionally and internationally. He and his wife Katie have five children and reside in Redding, California.

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Daniel Hagen and Fire Band

In 2003 Daniel Hagen was radically born again and saved out of the fake life of ‘sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’. Soon after his conversion his band was offered a six figure record deal but was told that “this industry is full of drug dealers and pimps” and therefore “you need to stop talking about Jesus and stop singing about Jesus if you want any more money invested into the band”. Daniel declined their offer and soon began his new mission to be an authentic representation of the person of Jesus in everything that he said and did. Daniel has continued song writing and worshipping in churches around the world. His heart is to see a generation of worshippers raised up that will truly seek the face of Jesus and worship in spirit and truth. Glen Travica (left) was also saved out of a similar life of drugs and rock and roll and used to play in a band with Daniel before they were born again. He has a deep heart of worship and longs to have see the sounds of heaven and the name of Jesus proclaimed in the nations.


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Chris Pöschl


Chris was born to an Austrian father and an English mother in Vienna, Austria. He was raised in a Christian home but made a personal decision for Christ when he was 14 at a Christian family camp in England. Chris is a classical musician turned worship leader and has been involved in leading worship, training worship teams and speaking at worship seminars throughout Europe since he was 18. Chris's parents started Four Corners Christian Fellowship, a local fellowship, that focuses on the presence of God, equipping the saints to reach their full potential, and on making a major spiritual impact in Vienna, Austria and Europe.

Chris is the senior leader of Four Corners Christian Fellowship in June 2014 together with his wife, Starla. His greatest passion is to see people set free in their identity in Christ and to become fully aware of the supernatural nature that God has given every believer. Through preaching and worship Chris desires to get people so connected with the manifest presence of God, that they get saved, healed, equipped and sent into the nations of Europe and the world as an army of confident lovers of Jesus. Chris and Starla have four children and live in Vienna, Austria. 

Chris lead worship at Awakening Europe in Nuremberg, Germany. You can check out his set here


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Northwind Collective

Awake north wind, and come, south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread everywhere. Let my beloved come into his garden and taste its choice fruits.
— Song of Solomon 4:16

Northwind Collective was born in the year 2015 in Finland's capital city, Helsinki. Rodrigo and Saara Campos, the creators and the inspiration behind Northwind Collective and the worship pastors of the christian organisation Missiomaailma, had recently felt in their hearts the Lord saying to them that "it is time" to officially start a family of worshippers that can take the worship of Jesus Christ to different areas of culture and the arts. Our vision is bigger than us alone! We are dreaming that a fresh understanding of worship toward God will be released and as a result of this, His presence spreading in Finland and throughout Europe.

Worship is so much more than music. Worship can be expressed in so many beautiful ways. This is why we have artists, dancers, fashion designers and media people with the same DNA in NC. We are at the moment a family of 30 Jesus lovers!

Northwind Collective released its first CD in November, 2015. At the moment, we are working on three other CD projects. We travel extensively around Finland but have made our spiritual home in a local church plant in the heart of Helsinki.

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