Jake Hamilton


Jake Hamilton is a passionate worshiper carrying the language and sound of reformation and revival. He has a deep desire to see generational and denominational boundaries blurred through the simple message of love embodied in the man Jesus Christ and lived out in the context of community. He has been catalytic in the start of several ministries in his hometown of Rancho Cucamonga, California while recording with Jesus Culture Music out of Bethel Church in Redding, California. He currently travels spreading the message of Reformation and Revival through music and preaching in churches and at conferences.

Jake desires to see God’s Kingdom manifest in power as His people encounter Him in worship and to raise up a generation who release the sound of Heaven as they walk in the reality of who they are in Christ. As an artist he desires to push the limits of creativity and as a father and a husband he is committed to his family first. But above any of his endorsements and accomplishments, he is a lover of Jesus Christ with the ability to lead others into the same encounter that transformed his life over 15 years ago.

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Lindy Conant & The Circuit Riders

From YWAM Kona, Lindy was launched to be a missionary to the United States.  She, along with YWAM missionaries Andy Byrd and Brian Brennt, formed the Circuit Riders, a missions ministry focused on leading a generation to Christ. Their pioneering years began on the college campuses of America. Hundreds of campuses are reached each year through the music of Lindy Conant and the Circuit Riders. 7 bands comprised of more than 60 musicians tour the United States each year, playing songs written by Lindy Conant and other members of the Circuit Riders.  The result?  Hundreds of salvations and countless lives forever impacted by the gospel.  "We love music and we love what we get to do, but we're most excited about people finding God for the first time. That's our sweet spot!"

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Jeremy Riddle & Amanda Cook with Bethel Music


Jeremy Riddle is a songwriter and worship leader at Bethel Church. Jeremy attended Anaheim Vineyard throughout his teens and later joined their staff as a youth pastor and worship leader. In 2007, Jeremy released his first full-length album, Full Attention, and is known for his song, Sweetly Broken. Jeremy has written many songs on Bethel Music albums, such as Furious, This Is Amazing Grace, Fall Afresh, God of the Redeemed and One Thirst.

Jeremy carries a passion for God’s presence and his worship leading stirs up hunger, freedom, and adoration towards the Lord. In addition to leading worship at Bethel Church, Jeremy continues to minister regionally and internationally. He and his wife Katie have five children and reside in Redding, California.

Amanda Cook is a songwriter and worship leader at Bethel Church and with Bethel Music. Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, Amanda has a dynamic history as a worship leader and songwriter that began at a young age. She has been a part of the Bethel Music family since 2010 and currently ministers throughout the United States and internationally. Amanda’s worship wraps words and pictures around what it is like to live honestly and passionately connected to God, discovering greater fullness and wonder in every season with Him.

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Daniel Hagen and Fire Band

In 2003 Daniel Hagen was radically born again and saved out of the fake life of ‘sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’. Soon after his conversion his band was offered a six figure record deal but was told that “this industry is full of drug dealers and pimps” and therefore “you need to stop talking about Jesus and stop singing about Jesus if you want any more money invested into the band”. Daniel declined their offer and soon began his new mission to be an authentic representation of the person of Jesus in everything that he said and did. Daniel has continued song writing and worshipping in churches around the world. His heart is to see a generation of worshippers raised up that will truly seek the face of Jesus and worship in spirit and truth. Glen Travica (left) was also saved out of a similar life of drugs and rock and roll and used to play in a band with Daniel before they were born again. He has a deep heart of worship and longs to have see the sounds of heaven and the name of Jesus proclaimed in the nations.


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ESPE is a worship band found in 2003 as part of community of friends who love God and long for his presence. The band was formed within the youth ministry called "strong preaching" led by Julo Slovak in Slovakia. Our desire is to demonstrate the love and power of God through authentic worship music wherever we go. We are passionate to see families, ministries, cities and nations transformed by His love. We are a community of friends living life and loving Jesus together in a little town called Sliac. Join us as we pursue the presence of God in communities around the world.

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