Jake Hamilton


Jake Hamilton is a passionate worshiper carrying the language and sound of reformation and revival. He has a deep desire to see generational and denominational boundaries blurred through the simple message of love embodied in the man Jesus Christ and lived out in the context of community. He has been catalytic in the start of several ministries in his hometown of Rancho Cucamonga, California while recording with Jesus Culture Music out of Bethel Church in Redding, California. He currently travels spreading the message of Reformation and Revival through music and preaching in churches and at conferences.

Jake desires to see God’s Kingdom manifest in power as His people encounter Him in worship and to raise up a generation who release the sound of Heaven as they walk in the reality of who they are in Christ. As an artist he desires to push the limits of creativity and as a father and a husband he is committed to his family first. But above any of his endorsements and accomplishments, he is a lover of Jesus Christ with the ability to lead others into the same encounter that transformed his life over 15 years ago.

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Jesus Culture

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The Jesus Culture band was formed organically through the momentum of a movement whose focus is to equip a generation to be influencers of society. It’s hard to separate the team from the movement, as they really are joined together with one focus: to bring people into an encounter with God’s love through worship and to disciple them to transform society. The Jesus Culture band is fronted by Kim Walker-Smith and Chris Quilala with Ian McIntosh playing keys, Jeffrey Kunde as the lead guitarist, Brandon Aaronson as the bassist, Josh Fisher as the drummer, and Skyler Smith as acoustic guitarist. Each member of the team knows the weight of the call God on their lives and they live devoted to a lifestyle of worship, hoping that their music can help lead all those who hear it into an experience of His presence that won’t leave them the same.

Over the past 7 years, the team has released seven albums with the latest one being Jesus Culture with Martin Smith; Live from New York, in November of 2012. Each album captures the heart of this generation burning for God and seeking an encounter with His presence. They have a great Passion for Europe to be transformed!

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God Encounter Band

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God Encounter band was birthed out of God Encounter ministries in Nuremberg, Germany. More then anything, their goal is to seek God's presence and bring people into an encounter with His love. Their passion is to see new German prophetic songs shape their country like never before. They beleive that God through their music can do anything, and they dream to see people from all nations find freedom and healing as they encounter the One they were created for.

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Chris Pöschl


Chris was born to an Austrian father and an English mother in Vienna, Austria. He was raised in a Christian home but made a personal decision for Christ when he was 14 at a Christian family camp in England. Chris is a classical musician turned worship leader and has been involved in leading worship, training worship teams and speaking at worship seminars throughout Europe since he was 18. Chris's parents started Four Corners Christian Fellowship, a local fellowship, that focuses on the presence of God, equipping the saints to reach their full potential, and on making a major spiritual impact in Vienna, Austria and Europe.

Chris is the senior leader of Four Corners Christian Fellowship in June 2014 together with his wife, Starla. His greatest passion is to see people set free in their identity in Christ and to become fully aware of the supernatural nature that God has given every believer. Through preaching and worship Chris desires to get people so connected with the manifest presence of God, that they get saved, healed, equipped and sent into the nations of Europe and the world as an army of confident lovers of Jesus. Chris and Starla have four children and live in Vienna, Austria. 

Chris lead worship at Awakening Europe in Nuremberg, Germany. You can check out his set here


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They love music. They love people. They love God. But what they love even more is to connect these three things. They see themselves first and foremost as a group of people who encountered the living God and want to share this experience with other people. Their instrument for this purpose is music. That’s the Outbreakband. 

The Youth band was founded in 2007 being part of CFNI Germany Bad Gandersheim, a denominational Bibleschool in the North of Germany. Besides internal Events they serve at Worship Nights, Festivals, (Youth-) Conferences all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and even Paraguay. Over the past seven years, the band has released eight albums, that have been spread out into the german speaking areas and shaped especially the young generation to be passionate about God. Their most well known Songs are "Mittelpunkt", "Die Liebe des Retters" und "Gott und König", which have been sung a lot in the churches in Germany.Their heart is to see a generation of people, especially in the german speaking area, who are passionate lovers of Jesus and demonstrate it through their lives. They believe, that God is more than able to break out of all boxes we put Him in and they want to open the view for an unlimited God, who wants to build his kingdom in cooperation with us. 

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Gospel Forum Band

GOSPEL FORUM WORSHIP is the worship ministry of Gospel Forum Church, located in Stuttgart, Germany and led by Pastor Peter and Sabine Wenz as senior pastors.

GOSPEL FORUM WORSHIP ministers to over 5,000 people every week through vibrant, Spirit-led worship reflecting the sound of the local church Body.

The heart and vision of GOSPEL FORUM WORSHIP is to magnify God, lead people into HIS presence, and encounter HIM and be transformed into HIS image!

With this same mission they are committed to serve the Awakening Europe Gathering with great joy and expectation for GOD to move in Germany and Europe!

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