He gave his life to Jesus

Heidi - Norway

I shared about Jesus to an Uber driver, he hated religion and didn't believe in Jesus. I asked him to give me one hour of his life, and I would introduce him to the one who gives life. He said that he could do that, and joined the meeting last night. He didn't really wanna be there, and for 40 minutes it was kinda uncomfortable. But I had faith in God and after 1 hour Amanda Cook spoke right into his heart and he lifted his hands. He asked me what was that, and I told him that that was God, talking to him through her. He looked at me like, really?! And I said, yes, I promise, just wait, it's more. Then she started talking about nightmares, and he put his hands on his head. Afterwards he praised Jesus, shouted Europe shall be saved, JESUS!!! And he went to the front and gave his life to Jesus!