God began to set me on fire again

Christoph - Germany

This weekend I watched Awakening Europe via livestream, because sadly I couldn’t be there, but I want to tell you what this amazing event and your work - already did in me. I’ve been a Christian for a few years and I come from Nuremberg - so I was at the first Awakening Europe in 2015 in Nuremberg. After that I did a discipleship training school (DTS) with YWAM. One year after my DTS I started praying for people on the streets, inspired by Awakening Europe, and saw many healings, but for different reasons I lost my fire. It became hard to spend time with Jesus and to worship Him wholeheartedly. When I watched Awakening Europe yesterday, God began to set me on fire again. And even if the restoration is not done yet, I had such an amazing time this morning with God. Thank you for your ministry and for everything you're doing for me and for other christians - you're doing a great job.