Elana (Latvia)

On the first eve of awakening my head was aching really strong. We went to have seat on stairs. The woman behind us laid hands on us and started to pray and asked about my headache. I told her about it and so she asked my oldest son to pray for me. When he laid his hands on me, the headache was gone. Next night we where in Lithuania giving back the camper my headache was so strong again. May son said two simple phrases - "God, heal my mom. Let everything be ok with her." In the very moment my headache was gone! My head did not ache till that day and for now it's almost two weeks. Since then my son prayed for many people with headaches and everyone got healed instantly. Simple people were serving each other as the united family. Awakening Prague was exactly about this.

Anastasia (Germany)

After the Awakening Europe Event in Prague I was sharing my Jesus in English and German in a bus. We prayed for two people and one further person accepted Jesus as personal Lord and Savior! Several weeks ago I was not brave enough to obey in similar case. However now He filled me with His love, my chest was full of His burning fire, it was so easy to stand up and speak! It was a great encounter with Love - my Jesus, which made me able to break through one more limit of my personality.

Helen (United Kingdom)

This week I was healed of 3.5 years of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Mania as well as much deep traumatic childhood trauma healed! I was expecting to be transformed but not in such a dramatic way! I am now a completely different person. Jesus has changed my life forever and I intend to use this dramatic shift as the fuel in my heart to introduce the fire of Jesus into the city where I live.

Heidi (Norway)

I shared about Jesus to an Uber driver, he hated religion and didn't believe in Jesus. I asked him to give me one hour of his life, and I would introduce him to the one who gives life. He said that he could do that, and joined the meeting last night. He didn't really wanna be there, and for 40 minutes it was kinda uncomfortable. But I had faith in God and after 1 hour Amanda Cook spoke right into his heart and he lifted his hands. He asked me what was that, and I told him that that was God, talking to him through her. He looked at me like, really?! And I said, yes, I promise, just wait, it's more. Then she started talking about nightmares, and he put his hands on his head. Afterwards he praised Jesus, shouted Europe shall be saved, JESUS!!! And he went to the front and gave his life to Jesus!

Julia (Germany)

The first evening there was a woman right in front of the stage who got scoliosis. She asked me to pray for her so of course I did. Under tears I just proclaimed healing in her back and freedom for her mind. She began to shake and become hot and we both fall down, tears were running all over her face and she suddenly cried out: "I am healed! Look at my back! Jesus!" She moved her body like she couldn't before and she told me that she also got a frantic mind and needed prayer for this. The freedom which I was proclaiming over her flew from heaven all through her! It was amazing! What a God! What a Jesus! Oh sweet Jesus! You are the king of kings!

Carol (Brazil)

I had a bad knee for almost ten years, I just got used to the pain, sometimes used to hurt so much I even could stand or walk appropriately for more than one hour. I bought a lot of medications to take in Prague, i knew it would hurts staying all day at the arena. But God is amazing!!!! And at the first night i got healed, i didn't use any medication, and i just wanna jump and run all the time, and i'm doing it ! My God is a Awesome God !!!

James (United Kingdom)

I was wondering back from hanging out with friends and God had given me a heart for all the guys selling drugs and clubs in old town. I got chatting to a bunch of guys. After they asked 'do you need 'stuff', I replied 'no, do YOU need anything?!'. I saw two of them get healed - a guys knees and fever came off another. Suddenly they were all asking for prayer and they've got in touch to be plugged into a church this weekend!

Monika (Czech Republic)

I grew up in a family without any expression of feeling, love or sharing any problem. After I accepted Jesus in my life I couldn't get rid of rejection, inferiority and fear for 14 years. I was touched by the words of Paul Manwaring very much. Big tears were running from my eyes and I realized that I have never heard such nice words of assurance, confirmation and yes to me and my nation. I realized how devastating wrong, negative thoughts and words are. We, Czech people had to hear that! It is not only my experience. During the final session, when all were singing praise in their own language I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit breaking my bondage and I was completely free! From that time I am able to worship my Lord in a different way, like never before - with all that I am!

Linda (Switzerland)

On my way home from Prague to Switzerland I still had another 20 minutes wait for my train. I sat near a guy, about 45, sitting with his dog and offered him the chocolate I'd just bought. I began talking about travel and family. Within minutes, he was overwhelmed, sobbing about how his wife was unable to join him in Switzerland. I immediately got up and held him in my arms, asking if I could pray and prayed an administrative mountain to be moved! All the time he was weeping and saying thank you. I told him about a friend, closer than a brother, of Jesus and His Love for him. I asked if he wanted to know this wonderful friend, to know Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Saviour, and he said yes. So he followed me in prayer. Eternity had begun for him.

Sergey (Bulgaria)

At the deliverance workshop I felt that something was wrong with me. I thought that I needed a prayer. I started to feel fear and decided to go to someone for prayer. My fear became stronger but I overcame it and asked Ben to pray for me. After he and other brothers and sisters prayed for me I was completely free from hesitation, from spirit of fear, free from lack of joy, free from spirit of orphanhood, from unforgiveness and hurt. The love of God filled me so much that I felt it physically. My face was vibrating and it was like oil flowing down my face. It was an amazing feeling. Thanks Lord Jesus for that!

Elina (Latvia)

I want someone to know, that Jesus is working trough the computer monitor too. So, I'm from Latvia and I started to watch live about 30 minutes before it ended. There were people who talked about miracles that God did, and I prayed for myself. I didn't realize what for, but I just prayed and worshiped and I just felt that God touched me in all His presence. And then I realized that very often I am having stomach pain. And in that moment pain was trying to get me away from His presence and I just prayed and pain was gone and I now that Jesus healed my and that pain is never coming back. All glory to God.

Ronja (Germany)

We actually planned to come only on Saturday but the Holy Spirit was so present there and it was so special that we decided spontaneously to stay til the end. And this was such a good decision! In general I didn't feel the Holy Spirit so deep and intense for a long time, but when you were blessing us on Sunday night the Holy Spirit really overwhelmed me, in a way that I could hardly stand or speak. Hallelujah! He really changed something inside of me which I can't really explain, strengthened me and started a new fire! Thank you so much for starting Awakening Europe and investing yourself! We now started to go on the streets in our small town (6.300 inhabitants) and really experienced miracles! We want to go on and see Europe saved!

Sandro (Germany)

Amongst all these beautiful moments at Awakening Europe this touched my heart the most. This precious man Samuel, came into the ministry tent. He came right from the street and had just surrendered his life to Jesus. His clothes were dirty and broken and there he stood. I just hugged him for a few minutes and told him about his value.. stuff he heard the first time in his life.
He was weeping and crying and got radically touched by the love of the father. I will never forget his smile after the first time in his life that he experienced true love.

Ina (Germany)

I have problems with my back all the time and I had physio for a long time. Especially last month I had physio for my fifth lumbar. The pain was gone, or so I thought. But when I came to AE the pain got worse. But then this one night Ben said that a person with pain in this area is now healed. And I felt a warmth spread out in my lumbars and the pain was gone and it didn't come back! Praise the Lord for he is the best doctor one could ask for.

Gesine (Germany)

One of my favorite moments from last week was to see hundreds of Europeans running to the stadium field and kneeling down before Jesus as a sign of committing and recommitting their lives to Him. It is one incredible testimony. We are changed in the presence of God and so Europe will be changed! His Spirit and His love will move throughout our continent!It reminded me to give my life to my Father every day and be ready for however He wants minister to me and to others. He is worth giving my ALL IN.All the glory to Him!

Marcus (Germany)

Only one day after awakening we went out on the street with about 15 people devided into small teams in our little city. In one hour we could talk with about 40 people. One woman wanted to kill herself just a few minutes before we talked to her. In addition to that woman we prayed for many others and got a testimony of someone with a sick leg that started to feel better. We are looking forward to our Sunday service...many said they will come : )