stockholm vision || 2016


At the young age of 15, Evan Roberts would spend sometimes 3 or 4 night a week praying for a minimum of an hour at a time that his nation Wales would turn back to God. It didn't take God long to hear him as only 10 years later, as the nation seemed to be in its darkest hour of sin and where churches were the most empty, God released an Awakening that rivaled the time when He visited the city of Nineveh. 
In less the 3 months the there was a nation wide repentance where almost half of the countries
population was swept into the kingdom of God.
Bare and nightclubs were empty and often turned into churches, the common man did not want to yell at his wife, swear, smoke or get drunk anymore. Sin became foreign to so many as the presence of God turned them into new people. This was and is astounding how God crashed into western Europe at that time, and the encouraging part is that this wasn't way back thousands of years ago in the history books- 
It was in the last century. 

Much like today, at that time it would have been easy to partner with hopelessness and look at things from the natural eye with questions in the heart like "How can these people ever get back to God?".
I'm sure just like now there were scoffers of God, many other religions and people were busy with their head in the newspaper (our modern day smart phones). Despite man's best efforts to fill their lives with the distractions like we often do, God was still able to break through into the masses because He had first broken through with His people. 
In the last 2 years we began to get a deep heart and love for Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland as we travelled there. When we first met people from this area of the world I was struck with the loving kindness they have for each other and I perceived that the believers there carry a unique genuineness, they want to be and are very much "the real deal". 
To our surprise at the same time we have heard statements coming out of some Christian (not all) mouths about how "the North is one the hardest places in Europe", "We have less sunlight, and it effects the people toward God", "it's hard to reach these people here, they don't want to hear about Jesus".
We have even recently heard statistics that describe how thousands per year are leaving the churches the in Nordic-Scandinavia region. Now I know that these things have been commonly spoken and sometimes when you hear it enough you might even believe that those things are true, but there is a higher truth calling to you and many of you reading this have been growing tired of just sitting back and watching history pass you by and your nation go further into darkness. Deep in your heart you feel an Awakening that there has to be more of God and your 100 percent right, there is so much more of Him. The shaking inside of you is proof that He is about to move because the pattern is the same in all of history, God wakes His people up just before He moves mightily on the earth. We know that the world is tired of religion, "they want the real thing" and we are probably tired of it too. So let's become "the real thing" and shine into the darkness of our city with the light of Jesus. 
If we open up our hearts wide to all that we were created to be, and partner now with what God wants to do I know that He would once again shake history and make it His-story. Yes its true that many in the north are living in darkness, and when I pray for this area I feel the heart of God yearning to pour out right now, but I also hear Him say to me "you must take ownership of what I am about to do" - In other words, take your place in this with Jesus in this, Wake up and live. 
God is searching for a person, a group of people, a hungry heart that is tired of the daily normals of life and no longer can tolerate demons taking their family and friends away from God. God is looking for someone who wants to see Jesus "Disturb the Normal" and release a huge wave of life back to your nation. 
In October 2016 we headed to the Friends Arena in Stockholm for this very purpose, that as Nordic-Scandinavians we would once again be shaken by heaven and that God would break in and reach our nations like He did in Wales. 
This is us uniting together as the North saying "God would you invade our nations with your love, 
and would you win back millions of people to you like you did before". 
We believe that as we were together in Stockholm the cry was heard and many were set apart to lead what God is now releasing for this precious area of Europe. 

In this hour, more than ever I feel God is calling out to us like He did to Evan Roberts. Yes we could sit back and watch it all get worse, we could just pray a little, speak to our friends once in a while and assume that they will be saved. We could do all that, or we could seize our moment in History and arise. 
It's not the time for more church games or politics of who's right or who's not, it's time for us to arise together and fight for our people, your nation to meet Jesus.
David said thousands of years ago just before he killed Goliath "Is there not a cause in Israel?".
We pray that the Holy Spirit grips you deeply for your nation with the same question, Is there not a cause?
We pray that you wouldn't just have a cause, but that the cause would have you!
He is calling us to not let our Hope fall asleep, Prayer fall to the wayside or the Passion in our hearts grow cold. He wants us to be fully Awake to Him and His purposes for our generation!
We want to see Jesus commission you to take the gospel without fear into your daily life and for you to know your true destiny in God.
Come and take your place as God raises up the name of Jesus high in the north. 
It's time to Disturb the Normal!


Photo Credit:

Johannes Bergmann, Roderick Nathaniel





Chris Overstreet

Daniel Hagen

Matthew King

Jean Luc Trachsel