Awakening Europe Prague



In 2015 in the middle of an eventful time for us just before the stadium event in Nuremberg, Germany, God showed me that what He was about to do was going to greatly affect the nations of Central Europe. I didn't know what this meant but not long after I met a man and pastor named Petr Karcha who explained his heart to me for the nation of the Czech Republic and how there is a great need for God to move there.

Shorty after this time we decided to visit the city of Prague as it would not leave our hearts and once we got there, we knew why! 
I have to tell you, I've been to a lot of European cities and even checked out many stadiums, but when I got into downtown Prague my heart opened with so much compassion and also an urgency that Jesus wants to touch this city now. 
One night I was offered a woman and drugs 3 times in the old square. I wasn't angry but instead felt for the people wandering in darkness, walking around with hopelessness on their faces. 

Even though it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world outwardly, to my heart it seemed like Nineveh, caught in the valley of decision - not knowing where to go. There are many cities like it all across Central Europe and now it's the church's time to enter the valley and show them the way out.

Since then we have been praying as a team daily for this and we found out this year (2017) will be the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation through Luther. It will also be around 600 years since the Czech Apostle Jan Hus was martyred, and l have personally been gripped by God that it's now time for a NEW REFORMATION.
This Reformation won't be one that divides us though, but rather unites us for the purpose of our cities turning back to God.

Sure we could have more conferences - more training - but at some point what we are learning has to affect our nations' future and cause thousands to turn back to God.

We don't need to wait anymore, we need a move of God right now. 

Luther said: "If I don't pray for 1 day, I feel it. If I don't pray for 2 days, the church feels it. But if I don't pray for 3 days the whole nation feels it". That's exactly where we are at. It's not the time to be asleep, but to be gripped with prayer and to bring mass outreach into this continent.

At this event we trained everyone to go back to their nation and city and reach it for Jesus. We had a huge emphasis on bringing the lost into the stadium as we called them home to our loving Father. Well known speakers and bands were flying in from all over the world. Men and women of God and churches from all around Europe were bringing bus loads of people to see a NEW REFORMATION. The hunger is astounding to us.

From Charismatics to Catholics, moving together as a united force from all denominations and bringing the power of heaven to Prague, a city in great need.

With a burning heart and many tears over Europe,

Ben Fitzgerald

Photo Credit:

Johannes Bergmann, Martin Wall, Phillip Dubach, Mikael Aamli Lao, Matthew de Livera, Matthew Rodgers, Irvan Bruderer