Congratulations on receiving Jesus
as your personal Savior and receiving a new life!

You made the most important decision a person can make and as Awakening Europe we are so excited for you! Now that you received Jesus it is important to start the journey of learning what it looks like to walk with him in your everyday life, learning how to hear his voice and how to read the bible. That is why we would recommend to go to find an Alpha Course near you and attend it. The Alpha course is a very basic course that explores all the aspects of the Christian Faith.

If there are no Alpha Courses in your area, don’t worry! Most churches run some sort of track or classes for people who are new to Christianity. Go to a church this coming Sunday and speak to a pastor and get plugged in. It is so important that you find a community of liked minded people who can go on this journey with you.

Find Alpha Courses near you:

Or have a look at this list with various events
that may not be listed in the search above

Neues Leben, Identität und Berufung
Start: 27. Juni
Gemeinschaftsraum "5in22"
Bodmergasse 47, 1220 Wien

Donnerstags 18:30 - 20 Uhr für 8 Wochen
Kontakt: Nathan

Start: 15. Oktober
Dienstags 19 Uhr
Am Heidjöchl 6-8, 1220 Wien


HOME Operngasse
Start: 19. Juni
Mittwochs 19 - 21 Uhr
Operngasse 4/17, 1010 Wien

Kontakt: Loretto

Pfarre Cyrill & Method
Start: 18. Juni
Dienstags 18:30 - 20 Uhr
Theumenmarkt 2, 1210 Wien

Kontakt: Loretto

Start: 23.Juni
Sonntags 19:15 - 21 Uhr
Silbergasse 35, 1190 Wien

Kontakt: Loretto

Climbing God
4.-11. August
Franziskaner LaVerna, Telfs Tirol



26. - 29. September

Kontakt: Loretto

Sports & Nature
22.-26. Juli
Mühlbach 7, 4801 Altmünster, Oberösterreich

Kontakt: KISI

Shine Summer Camp
7.-13. Juli

Kontakt: Athletes in action

Jüngerschaft Kompakt
29. Juli - 18. August
Bärengässchen 8, 5020 Salzburg

Kontakt: Loretto Salzburg

Alive Jugendwoche
18.-24. August

Kontakt: Junge Charismatische Erneuerung

Forum Altötting
1.-4. August
Kolbergstr.4-6, 84503 Altötting, D

Kontakt: Gemeinschaft Emmanuel