The Empowered Evangelists Network is
our relational community of fiery evangelists.
We want to raise up a generation
who is boldly preaching the Good News
wherever they go. It is our heart to help
creating a healthy culture of evangelism
in your church.

It’s the very heart of God for everyone to
live life full with meaning and purpose
that is only found as you step into a relationship
with your heavenly creator and
loving father.

We have a strong emphasize on activation.
We love to serve the church with 1-day
training days to learn how to live a lifestyle
of sharing Jesus with everyone. The training
day has worship, teaching, outreach
and a night meeting to share testimonies
and connect with new believers.
We also have networks in Australia, the
United States, Germany and England.

How, then, can they call on the
one they have not believed in?
And how can they believe in
the one of whom they have not
heard? And how can they hear
without someone preaching to
Romans 10:14

Jesus gave His life so that you and me are
reconciled with God and are able to enter
His Kingdom as our eternal destiny.

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