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Worship Team Application

Hey Guys, my name is Vince and I am the overseer of the worship department at Awakening Europe.

Awakening Europe is a ministry passionate about seeing people saved and encountering the love of Jesus. A few months ago we launched our “Awakening Nights” which focuses on worship and pursuing revival in our region.
We truly believe that we can see an awakening here in Europe as we look at Jesus and simply worship and adore Him.

Right now, we are looking for experienced musicians/worshipers as well as sound technicians who are interested in joining and serving with our worship community.

Practically it would look like:

Rehearsals every second Wednesday night from 7pm

Worship set the following day (Thursday night) from 5pm.

Community Nights once a month with the focus to connect and to go deep with Jesus together as a family.

We kindly ask you to fill out the application form at the bottom of this page as well as record a demo of you playing your instrument/vocals.


Demo instructions

Your demo videos will need to be uploaded on Youtube.

(We do not want demos made public, but if they are set to “private” then we can not view them. There is a setting, usually called “unpublished,” that should let us view your demo without them being available to the public. Thanks for your cooperation on this!)

In your video please take about 30 seconds to introduce yourself as well as quickly show us the gear you are using.

Song choices for demos: (please pick one of the following songs for your instrument)

- E-guitar: Lion and the Lamb (Bethel), Raise a Hallelujah (Bethel)

- Drums: You Make Me Brave (Bethel), Fight my Battles (Upper room)

- Keys: Build my Life (Housefires), Closer (Bethel)

- Bass: Lion and the Lamb (Bethel), Come Awaken Love (Bethel)

- Vocals: Lion and the Lamb (Bethel), Tremble (Mosaic), Great are you Lord (all sons and daughters), King of my Heart (Bethel)

Thank you so much for taking the time!

We’re looking forward to hearing back from you! We will be in-touch with you in the following weeks.

Vince and the Awakening Team

This application is only for the Awakening Nights Worship community.
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