On Friday afternoon we went to the Mall of Scandinavia to love on the people with some others. We shared the gospel in the mall, praying for people and one guy got healed after having pain in his feet for three years from an accident. A young boy watched us and heard the testimony and said I could pray for him too, because he had pain in his wrist and hand. Jesus healed him too! Hallelujah!
Later a young Muslim man got saved and we were praying for a Sudanese brother and he got so powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit while we were praying for him.


I have had a hard time for a while but God completely set me free. I’m 16 and I have never experienced God in this way. He gave me His fire and took away all fear of man and all throwbacks from when I was bullied, depressed and cutting myself. I can now dance with joy and shout the name of Jesus from the top of my lungs even if no one else is doing it. God opened my mouth so that I could speak again. Now for the first time in years I’ve told my dad that I love him. God truly is a faithful God and He loves me more than I could ever understand. I have never ever felt God in this way. God is truly doing something in Sweden and all over Scandinavia and Europe!


During lunch, a staff member who worked in snack bar in the Arena came to the testimony table and asked for healing prayer. He was in pain in his knees. After prayer the pain was gone, but he still didn’t want to accept Jesus. After Matt King asked for people to pray I saw the guy I prayed for earlier and his friend. I asked his friend whether he needed healing. He said yes, for his thigh; a doctor had sad that he was born with this problem. We prayed for it, and the pain was gone. Both of the guys gave their lives to Jesus.


I had emptiness inside for months that I couldn’t put words to.
On the first day, Friday, God showed me that a numbness had come over me that kept me from him and I grew desperate to get out of it and get close to him. It seemed nothing happened and I started to get pain in my hip and legs. Saturday evening heaviness came over me and brought me to my knees. On my knees I found myself face to face with Jesus. I touched his face and hugged Him, he held me in His arms and the numbness left. All pain left! Joy reentered my life and hope was restored.


My fear of what other people think about me completely disappeared this weekend! After the Sunday evening meeting, I completely opened up to God and later that evening I prayed for several people at the Mall of Scandinavia, on the subway and in the city. I walked around in the city, worshipping and just shouting, “Jesus loves you” to random people. It feels so amazing! God really takes away all of our fears. Amen.


After Heidi Baker’s preaching, after she started to sing and praise the Lord and she invited the Holy Spirit with all her heart, a giant emotional luggage - I was not even aware I carried with me all the time - just fell off me and the unending love of the Holy Spirit filled me up, so perfectly, completely and so beautifully that I cried like a newborn baby and sank to my knees in prayer.