Flood Prague

Why Outreach?

Outreach is a vital part of the Christian life, Therefor it’s a apart of every event we do. Paul said if we say we abide in Jesus we ought to live as he lived. Jesus boldly proclaimed the Gospel and brought the kingdom everywhere he went. Our outreaches are aimed at being a catalyst for every believer to step into a lifestyle of living unashamed and destroying the works of the devil everywhere they go.

Gods wills is that none would perish but rather that all would have eternal life. He wants all of us to be ambassadors of Christ. So that we can partner with the Holy Spirit and what he has done on the cross to see people’s eternity changed. We have the opportunity to go into the darkest area’s in some of the most atheist cities in the world to shine the light of Jesus.

Jesus commissioned all believers to go into the whole world to share the Gospel. We hope that on our outreach the fear of man will be broken off you and a fire will be lit in your heart for evangelism, so that when you go home you can take the gospel and love of Jesus to every part of the world.

In the last 400 years the Czech church has never exceeds 1% of the population. The need for God is greater than ever. Would you join us in bring light to one of the darkness cities in the world?