Frequently asked questions

How do I get to Stockholm?

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is located 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Stockholm City.

From the airport there are several ways to get to the city.

  • The Arlanda Express which takes you from Arlanda Airport to the city center departing every 15 minutes (for most of the day).
    Travel time: 20 minutes. Costs: 150-280 SEK (16-30€)
  • The Flygbussarna Airport Choaches which depart every 10-15 minutes between Arlanda Airport and the City Terminal (located next to the Central Station). Travel time to Arlanda: 35-45 minutes. Costs: 99 SEK (11€)
  • The Commuter trains (operated by the public transport company in Stockholm, SLto Stockholm depart twice an hour from Arlanda Central Station in Sky City. Total travel time between the airport and Stockholm Central Station is 43 minutes.


How do I get to the Friends Arena?


Friends Arena
Råsta Strandväg 1
168 79 Stockholm, Sweden



We have limited parking available for you at the Mall of Scandinavia. We highly recommend you to car-pool or use the public transportation system. See information below.

Public transport

  • The Underground station (Solna Centrum) is on the "blue line". The arena is a 20-25 minute walk (1.4 km) away from the station.

  • The Solna Station or Arenan bus stop are a 10-15 minute walk (800 metres) away from the Friends Arena and is just 7 minutes by train (operated by the public transport company in Stockholm, SL) from Stockholm Central Station.

  • The Solna Station is operated by tram and busses, too. Bus 103 Arenastaden goes from Solna Station every Saturday and Sunday.


If you plan to use the public transport in Stockholm you should really check out this amazing free app which can plan entire trips for you:

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Where can I stay during the event?

  • Hotels/Hostels
    We put together a list of hotels in Stockholm and are updating it frequently.

The information contained herein is accurate and reliable as of the date of publication to the best of our knowledge. No warranty for correct information.

Or take a look at! A lot of hostels for good prices and they even offer dorms for groups!

If you have any more questions about travelling to Stockholm or staying during the event please feel free to contact us at

Want to stay up to date during the event?

Great! Check out our FREE app! You will find testimonies, see the latest pictures, videos and learn more about future events. Search Awakening Europe in the app store.

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Where can I get tickets for the event?

You can find all information about the tickets and how to purchase them here.


What does the Event schedule look like?

Please find the latest schedule on our event page. We will announce a more detailed schedule prior to the event.


Will there be a Kids Ministry?

Yes! You can purchase tickets for children between age 5 to 12. This ticket will give your child access to the event for all three days and to attend the Awakening Europe Kids Ministry during some of the sessions. This ticket is ONLY available for children between age 5 to 12. Please take a look on our event page for the Kids Ministry schedule.

The Awakening Kids Program this year is themed, "Raising Up Modern Day Revivalists." There will be several children's pastors including some Swedish pastor's and several volunteers who have such a love and passion for children.


Is there a map of the Arena?

Yes. You can find a map here.


Do you have something prepared for persons with special needs?

Yes, we have a team that would love to assist you! If you would just come to the Entrance Hx. That’s where our team will be waiting for you. We will also have a special seating section that is accessible easily.


Where can I get food/drinks from?

Due to security regulations we are not able to allow any bottles, cans or food inside the Arena (except baby food). You are welcome to get food and drinks at one of the kiosks inside the Arena or one of the many inexpensive food places at the Mall of Scandinavia next door.


How important is my ticket?

Your ticket is very important for the whole event because you will need it to enter and exit the Arena. So please hold on to it. You can also use your ticket on your phone.


What languages are spoken at the event?

The event will be in English and Swedish. English will be translated into Swedish from stage and vice versa.


Is there a translation into my language available?

We are providing simultaneous translation for Arabic, Farsi, German, Finnish and Tigrinya. You will get your headphones and more information in your language at the translation booth located close to Entrance A. We do request a deposit of SEK 200/day and will keep SEK 50 as a contribution to cover equipment expenses.


What about assigned seats?

Are you coming with your family or friends? We're sure that you'd like to sit together! That's why we don't have any assigned seats in the Arena so you can freely choose where you want to sit.


Pastors & Leaders

Are you a pastor or leader in your church or community? Are you leading a ministry? We'd love to welcome and connect with you at our special seating section located on Level 3 / east side (Pastors and leaders only!)


You lost something?

No problem. We're sure it got found! Please check out our Lost&Found booth located on Level 3 / Entrance A.


I can't come but I want to be part of it. Do you have a live stream?

Yes we do! Here’s the link for our live stream on GOD TV


Still questions?

Sure. Please come and see us at the info point at the entrance A. Our team is looking forward to meet you.


How can I volunteer during the event?

Awesome that you're asking! We will need a lot of volunteers!
We need you, your heart, your passion, your love for Jesus ! Join us in serving Scandinavia to see Jesus be glorified over the nations of the North. Sign up to volunteer here.