General Questions

+ How can I stay up to date with what is going on around Awakening Europe?

There are three great ways to get updates reguarly:

  • Check out our FREE app! You will find testimonies, see the latest pictures, videos and learn more about future events.

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The Event

+ Where can I get tickets for the event?

You can find all information on how to get your tickets here! There won't be an option to buy tickets at the door. So please buy your ticket online now! Ticketportal has box offices in Prague where you can buy tickets, too - but we suggest you to buy your ticket online before it's too late.

+ I already bought a ticket but mine says "Eden Arena". Is it still valid?

Yes your ticket is still valid with the new venue so you won't have any problems to get into the event.

+ How can I volunteer during the event?

Awesome that you're asking! We will need a lot of volunteers! We need you, your heart, your passion, your love for Jesus! Join us in serving Prague to see Jesus be glorified over the nations of Europe. Sign up to volunteer here.

+ What does the event schedule look like?

Please find the latest schedule on our event page.
We will announce a more detailed schedule in the days prior to the event.

+ Will there be a Kids Ministry?

This year we wanted the Kids to take part in the event more. Therefor there won't be a seperate ministry for children but facilities where you can go with your chilaren to play. Kids below 5 are free to enter. For age 5 and up you can buy a regular ticket to the event on our event page.

+ What languages are spoken at the event?

The event will be in English and Czech. English will be translated into Czech from stage and vice versa.

We are providing simultaneous translation for Russian and German through an App. You will have to download the app to your phone and bring your own headphones. All information on how the translation works at our information booth located close to Entrance 18.

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+ Are there assigned seats?

Are you coming with your family or friends? We're sure that you'd like to sit together! That's why we don't have any assigned seats in the Arena so you can freely choose where you want to sit.

The Location

+ How do I get to Prague?

  • By car: Prague is located only 2 hours from the German and Austrian borders. A toll sticker is needed for most motorways in the Czech Republic. You can buy them in every gas station near the border or special offcies at the motorway. There is a 10-days toll sticker for 12 Euro.

  • By plane: The Václav Havel Airport Prague is located around 25 minutes outside of Prague's city center. There are over 30 airlines flying to Prague. Easyjet for example from 11 different cities in Europe. Click here to find more information about how to get to the city from the airport.

  • By train: The Prague main station (Praha hl.n.) is connecting Prague to more than 50 cities in Europe. Located in the city center it provides one of the best connections to busses, taxis and trams to get around the city. There is a very good website ( available in English, Czech and German.

+ How do I get to the Tipsport Arena?

If you plan to use the public transport in Prague you should really check out this amazing free app which can plan entire trips for you:

By Metro:

By Tram:
Tipsport arena is situated just 50 metres from tram stop Výstaviště Holešovice. This stop can be accessed by the tram lines - 1, 6, 12, 14, 15, 17, 36 and many more. Find timetables and connections here.

  • By car:
    Za Elektrárnou 419/1,
    170 00 Praha-Bubeneč,
    Prague 7, Czech Republic

    Parking close to the Arena is upon purchase and very limited so we recommend everyone to use the very good public transport of Prague to get to the Eden Arena. If you're coming by car you might try P+R (Holešovice).


+ Where can I stay during the Event?

  • Hotels & Hostels
    We put together a map of hotels and hostels in Prague to make it easier for you to find a good accommodation.