The Event

+ Where can I get tickets for the next event?

You can find all information on how to get your tickets here!

+ How can I volunteer during the event?

Awesome that you're asking! We will need a lot of volunteers! We need you, your heart, your passion, your love for Jesus! Join us in serving Prague to see Jesus be glorified over the nations of Europe. Sign up to volunteer here.

+ What does the event schedule look like?

Please find the latest schedule on our event page.
We will announce a more detailed schedule in the days prior to the event.

+ What languages are spoken at the event?

The event will be in English and Czech. English will be translated into Czech from stage and vice versa.

We probably will be providing simultaneous translation into different languages - we will keep you up to date on this via facebook and on this page.

+ Are there assigned seats?

Are you coming with your family or friends? We're sure that you'd like to sit together! That's why we don't have any assigned seats in the Arena so you can freely choose where you want to sit.