Europe for Jesus! The arising church of Love and Power

On a recent trip to Switzerland and Germany, I was so encouraged to see what Jesus is stirring up amongst His people. There was a time a few years ago where I would travel to encourage believers to reach out to those who don't know God and it would come with varied responses. These days, however, it seems the hunger for outside-church ministry is taking over. I recently spoke at an amazing conference called "Praise Camp" in Basel. There were close to 6,500 people from over 40 denominations, all crying out to God for more of Him. The thing that inspired me the most though was that most of the attendees wanted to take what God was doing in them to the streets - to real, hurting people. They had outreaches where they prayed for the sick and saw miracles, performed drama presentations, and just randomly blessed people simply because God loves them.

No matter what your view point of outreach is, or how you like to do it, I think we can all agree that we are at a crucial point in time where the world needs Jesus more then ever. Rather then seeing all that may be wrong with the world, look at what is right in the people of God. He is raising you and me up as the solution and there is no answer that people need more then you and I filled with Jesus. In fact Romans 8 says that "all creation is waiting for us to be revealed." My prayers are that the big cities get moved sovereignly with God's presence, but also that the small towns and villages across Europe get transformed as people go over to visit a neighbor and pray for them, or spread the love and power of the Gospel by going door to door.

If you come to the Awakening Europe event with an open heart, you will for sure be encountered by God and set free from the fear of man. But why does it have to start in July when God is in you now? Maybe the great move of God we are waiting for will simply come when we make a  move. No matter how you feel today, you are never inadequate, maybe just inactive. Take the love of God in you to someone and watch what Jesus does through you! 

God bless you, Watch out, He will.
- Ben Fitzgerald