10 Ways to get your friends to AE


Want to know the best ways to get your friends to Awakening Europe? Here are 10 ways you may or may not have thought of:

  2. Let people know that at Awakening Europe (AE) they will be equipped in practical ways to walk out their faith daily with power and boldness .
  3. Tell people that you're taking a risk to see God do something you've never seen before. Ask them to join you!
  4. Post our AE videos, website, Facebook page, and other promo material on your and others' social media accounts!
  5. Make a holiday out of the AE! Come to the event, visit Sweden, and preach the Gospel everywhere you go. Imagine the amount of people you guys could see encounter God!
  6. Pray for others and PAY for them. This a great price and it makes a great gift for friends. :) Even if they cannot make all 4 days, at this price even just the weekend is worth coming too! Take care of all of the logistical details up front, so they don't have any hinderances in their way.
  7. Introduce Jesus Culture worship, Jake Hamilton and Heidi Baker, Todd White or Ben Fitzgerald sermons to them, then bring up the event in conversation. (Getting them CD's or sending them YouTube links is also helpful.)
  8. Make it a challenge with your friends, church, men's group, women's group, youth group, etc. to become more bold than ever for the Gospel. Explain to others that this history-making event will help break the fear of man off of them once for all
  9. Start inviting people out to the streets with you now! Love on people, preach the gospel, and heal the sick. Build up each others faith for more impact in your local area.
  10. Continue to celebrate together what Jesus in all parts of life throughout Europe so far. Stir up thanksgiving and an expectancy of what God will do in the future