DISTURB THE NORMAL


What is the normal lens that you see through? What do we tolerate as a people, as the world? Should we call it normal that many people die of starvation, are caught in the midst of wars or that multitudes of people are being destroyed by the few fueled with hate?. None of us would call that normal, we would call that a tragedy and would fight for their freedom and do something about it right! God sees the heart and the inner life of every person in your nation and city. He sees the torment of unforgiveness, the pain of lost loved ones, people who are being abused, those feeling emptied by broken relationships and the masses who wrestle with sin and shame. He sees not only the poor, but the spiritually poor and He has a answer for them all. In some cultures you will hear its not normal for us to reach out to those we don't know, its not culturally common to stop people and bring the light we have to them. But there is a cry in the heart of God right now to "disturb the normal" that we have made and release back into our lives the Jesus normal. It is the cause of brining people back our friends, loved ones and those we are about to meet to the Creator God who made them, who knows how to heal them and wants all people to live in freedom with Him.  It Is our deep conviction that something amazing is about to take place in the Nordic-Scandinavian nations. Several months before our event in Nuremberg we felt the Lord dropped into our hearts the city of Stockholm. He has shown us that He would gather the surrounding nations to that city and empower Christians to be radical and free all across this area of Europe. We had not told anyone of our heart for Nordic-Scandinavia, in fact, we were simply waiting for the Lord to confirm it, and then randomly we received a message from a trusted friend who said "I feel God wants to do something in Sweden and the surrounding nations". This shocked us all because no one knew about it. From there the prophetic significance for Stockholm has been overwhelming and the confirmations have been consistent. Jesus wants a fire to begin in this area that will never go out, a fire that creates a new normal in us. 

We know that what God releases at the stadium in October, 2016 will have a huge impact on Stockholm itself and the surrounding nations.  We are expecting to see thousands of people from all over Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden together as one, going into the streets and pouring the love of Jesus all over cities. Think about the impact that will have! It will be like an fire storm all over Nordic-Scandinavia. We want to commission you to take the gospel without fear into your daily life and for you to know your true destiny in God.
We are inviting you to come, God wants to raise up the name of Jesus high in the north.
Come and contend with us for Him to take back Nordic-Scandinavia for His glory and for many people
to meet Jesus Christ in 2016!  Its time to Disturb the Normal


Awakening Europe ||  28-30 OCTOBER 2016



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